Washington Football Team HC Ron Rivera in no rush to find franchise quarterback

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Washington Football Team HC Ron Rivera in no rush to find franchise quarterback

Washington Football Team coach Ron Rivera insists he is not in a rush to find a franchise quarterback. Washington selected Dwayne Haskins in the first round of the 2019 NFL draft but moved on from the 23-year-old quarterback toward the end of last season.

This offseason, Washington signed experienced 38-year-old quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Washington also has quarterbacks Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke on the roster. “I say that just because … if you put all the other pieces into place and now you start going forward, when that guy does show up, when that guy is in the right position, you can grab him,” Rivera said, via Rhiannon Walker of TheAthletic.com.

“I went through it the other way my first stint as a head coach in Carolina. We drafted the guy of the future for us in the first round. … At that point, we had not put all the other pieces around Cam Newton. “So, I’ve always thought if you can do it the other way where you put all the other pieces around and then go out and get your quarterback, that might be a pretty good situation, too.

… I’ve seen a lot of teams that have had things in place then drafted their quarterback next year. This could be one of those situations where we put all the other pieces in place and then a year or two from now, the right guy is there and we can make that move”.

Washington to hold a competition between quarterbacks

Fitzpatrick will enter training camp as quarterback No. 1 but he will have to prove that he deserves to be the starter this coming season. "There will be a competition," Rivera said.

"This time, I know who we have as the starter, but he's going to compete with everybody else," said Rivera, talking for the first time about Fitzpatrick's signing. "I want to play the guy that's going to give us the best opportunity to win, the best opportunity to grow and develop as a football team."

At the moment, Fitzpatrick seems to have the biggest chance of being the starter. "Picking where we're picking, there are a lot of things that can happen," Rivera said. "We have targets, we have ideas, we have guys that we like, but that always changes just because of the fact that everybody has a choice. You just never know what's going to happen at that point."