Buccaneers' Rob Gronkowski: I feel like I could play another season right now

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Buccaneers' Rob Gronkowski: I feel like I could play another season right now

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski reveals he is feeling great mentally and physically and he would be able to play if the season started today. Gronkowski, who retired after winning the 2018 Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, came out of retirement last year to join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

After winning the Super Bowl in 2018, Gronkowski was in pain for the next month and that led to his decision to retire. "I feel like I could play another season right now, if it started," Gronkowski said. "I feel really good.

... I feel light. I feel flexible. I feel like I can go out and just play some football, and just go out and not be in pain ... run routes and do what I gotta do out there on the field. So I definitely feel like I'm ready to go, to play another full season coming up this year and just take it a year at a time like that."

Gronkowski, 32, in a great place

"This year, just playing all 20 games, all 16 regular-season games, not missing a practice, not missing a game, not missing anything in the postseason -- it was a great feeling," Gronkowski said.

"It was just something I wanted to prove to myself too, that I could do, to prove to myself that the things that I've learned and I've taken in and I've changed -- that I can play a full season, I can play a full postseason at a high level, too.

It's just great overall to complete that mission, and now I feel like I can do it again too." Gronkowski also noted that he will be playing on one-year deals for the rest of his career. "That's kind of a tough question, because I signed that thing at like 22 years old, and when you sign something and you're 22 years old, you think you can like run through a wall no matter what the rest of your life," Gronkowski said.

"You don't really understand the obstacles that you're gonna face down the line when you're that young. "But I would say that the contract didn't really play a role, either. There wasn't like any guaranteed money or like anything like that, so like I didn't have to play. I would just say the contract didn't really have anything to do with it -- I just wanted to play football."