Chargers' Tyrod Taylor: I have always had mindset to prepare like starter

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Chargers' Tyrod Taylor: I have always had mindset to prepare like starter

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor insists he knew the Chargers would select a quarterback in this year's NFL draft following the departure of Philip Rivers but that didn't change his mindset for this upcoming season.

After spending 15 season with the Chargers, Rivers decided to move on and sign with the Indianapolis Colts, leaving the starting quarterback position for Taylor. As expected, the Chargers used their good draft position to take a quarterback as they opted to select Oregon product Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick in this past NFL draft.

The Chargers are hoping Herbert will eventually become a starter and a franchise quarterback but right now there is no date when he should start. "I figured that the Chargers would take a quarterback" in the NFL draft, Taylor said Friday, speaking with a group of reporters for the first time since the end of the 2019 season, as quoted on ESPN.

"But that never necessarily changed my mindset or my attack to the year." Taylor, who was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2011 NFL draft, has played for four different teams throughout his career. "I was drafted in the sixth round and even that day that I got drafted, I always had the mindset to prepare like a starter," Taylor said, who is entering his 10th NFL season.

"So, regardless of the circumstances, that's how I stay mentally in it and that's how I prepare myself mentally."

Taylor has learned from his past experiences

Taylor has been mostly a backup since arriving to the league but in three season he was a starter.

"A lot of things that happened in Cleveland was out of my control, but I never changed my attitude towards what I can do and towards the team," Taylor said. "Moving forward to this one, whether it's viewed as the same circumstances, I focus on what I can control, and that's me bringing my 'A' game each and every day, being a leader and bringing great energy towards the building."

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn is confident that Taylor can do a good job as a starter and help the team achieve success. "He's a pro and he's an exciting quarterback," Lynn said about Taylor. "He understands the concept and philosophy of taking care of the football and not losing games, so we're excited to see what he can do."