Bills' Jake Fromm eager to make amends after 'elite white people' text

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Bills' Jake Fromm eager to make amends after 'elite white people' text

Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Jake Fromm insists his text in which he said that "only elite white people" should be able to purchase guns doesn't represent his character. Fromm, who was selected by the Bills in the fifth round of this past NFL draft, wrote his childhood friend on a topic of guns in March 2019: "But no guns are good.

They need to let me get suppressors. Just make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them haha." Fromm, 22, insists he is better than that and he will do everything he can to make amends for the mistake he made.

"That's not where my heart is," Fromm said Friday, speaking to local media for the first time since screenshots of the conversation emerged in June, as quoted on ESPN. "The one thing that I want to do here on this earth is love God and love people, and I fell short of that.

I want to make amends and really be better from here on out so that I can earn their trust and really bring something to this football team." "I made a mistake and I'm going to own up to it, but that's not indicative of who I am," Fromm said, "and I promise you that is not where my heart is at."

Fromm wants to prove himself in the Bills organization

"I think the biggest thing is just seeing the world through a different lens," Fromm said. "I grew up kind of seeing it just one way, and seeing the world from a slightly different way has helped me kind of see the background of what's troubling people.

I can say that I'm starting to see it, I'm learning, and I'm getting better, and I'm willing to help and be there for whatever situation is needed. "My plan here in this organization is to earn everything here, earn the trust of my teammates, treat people with respect and ultimately perform well on the field.

Out of this building, that's educating myself, staying really close to my friends that are on the other side, having those conversations and really helping out however I can. "Being available, I think, is one of the most important things that I can do and be willing to help in whatever situation that's thrown my way." Fromm won't be starting for the Bills this season as quarterback Josh Allen has secured the starter position.