Dak Prescott determined to lead Cowboys to Super Bowl win

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Dak Prescott determined to lead Cowboys to Super Bowl win

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was thrilled to sign the richest deal in Cowboys history and now he is aiming to lead the team to their first Super Bowl since 1995. This week, Prescott signed a four-year, $160 million deal, with an NFL record $66 million signing bonus.

"That's my plan, get a parade in Dallas," Prescott said, per ESPN. "As a competitor, you watch people celebrate, you watch people do what you want to do and there's not too many more things that light a fire under you than somebody having what you want.

And every year we're not in the playoffs, or we didn't make that run, that's just more fire to it. "You throw on there that I was holding my leg and didn't have a chance to be out there while guys were doing what was taken away from me, I'm just excited to get out there and show you what this team can do.

The next big press conference we have is hopefully in another year after that big parade. So there you go."

The Cowboys didn't want to lose Prescott

The Cowboys couldn't reach an agreement with Prescott in each of the past two offseasons but were quick to reach a new deal this offseason.

"From the very beginning we have certainly said that our future is with Dak," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "We are keenly aware that the process that we've done over the last several years has created, if you will, a conversation and maybe even a life of its own.

... Don't confuse that with how right we think this decision is and how much it's been there from the very beginning. This fits." Prescott, who was taken by the Cowboys in the 2016 NFL draft, is looking forward to continuing his career in Dallas.

"I'm excited to be here, to never leave, and excited for what this organization, what this team, what the fans are going to get," Prescott said. "I'm excited just to go do it and just to know that this is my home, I'm not leaving.

I'm a Cowboy and this is only the beginning." Prescott also acknowledged that a second surgery he underwent in December was more about his long-term health. "I'm healthy," Prescott said. "I'll control what I can control.

I'll follow the doctor's orders the whole time. Put my own work ethic into it. I'm healthy, I'm getting close. I'll be ready when it matters."