Broncos' Von Miller contemplated to opt out of season

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Broncos' Von Miller contemplated to opt out of season

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller contemplated opting out of the upcoming NFL season but he gave up on the idea after seeing the efforts his team's putting up to keep its player safe. A number of players have exercised their right to opt out of the season but Miller would have been the highest profile name to have opted out.

"I thought about it,'' Miller said, as quoted on ESPN. " ... I thought about all of my family, I took serious consideration and the things that could possibly happen. It's not a 100% bubble like basketball, so there are always going to be holes, but I felt like the job the Broncos were doing to keep us safe was enough for me not to opt out.'

' In April, despite following all the safety rules, Miller contracted the coronavirus and his recovery from the virus didn't go smooth. Miller, who has asthma, regularly uses an inhaler to practice and play in games.

The 31-year-old linebacker lost 15 pounds during his battle with the coronavirus. "I did [have trouble], it was hard for me to get my wind back, probably for two or three weeks after the virus,'' Miller said.

"During the virus I lost a lot of weight -- everybody is not the same, but for me I lost my taste and smell, I couldn't really, like, eat and when you can't taste or smell you kind of lose your appetite ... It was tough, no doubt about it, it was tough.'


Miller made a decision to play after taking everything into consideration

"I just thought about it, I just really thought about all the things that could possibly happen,'' Miller said. "I thought about this season is different, I thought about -- I weighed the positives and negatives and just came to my own decision that I could play.

But I thought about me having asthma ... I feel like every player should do that, I feel like every player should think about everything they could do.' ' Miller's teammates wanted to know about his battle with the coronavirus and had some advice for them.

"I get all type of questions about the virus,'' Miller said. " ... I feel like it's me, me pushing it out there like 'hey this thing is serious, it's very, very serious and we've got to stay on top of it,' guys wearing masks, guys washing their hands, guys taking fish oil and all types of supplements to keep their immune system up.' '