Buccaneers win Super Bowl, Tom Brady named Super Bowl MVP

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Buccaneers win Super Bowl, Tom Brady named Super Bowl MVP

Tom Brady yet again delivered a big performance in Super Bowl as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl on Sunday night in Tampa. Brady went 21-of-29 for 201 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions as the Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.

After winning his seventh Super Bowl, Brady was named the Super Bowl MVP for the fifth time in his career. "This team is world champions forever, you can't take it away from us," Brady said after the game, per ESPN.

Brady threw touchdown passes to Rob Gronkowski, who came out of retirement last summer to join the Buccaneers, and to Antonio Brown, whose career was in jeopardy last year. "It's great to see big-time players making big-time plays," Brady said.

"Just love what they added to the team. Gronk is an unbelievable player, teammate, talent, work ethic and commitment. A.B., since he got here, he's done everything the right way. So impressed by him, proud of him. It takes a lot of people for us to get to this point.

We all have great support systems in place, and I think everybody should be celebrating them tonight."

Gronkowsky happy for him and Brady

Brady, 43, changed teams for the first time in his career last offseason and led the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl in his first season with the team.

"It's hands down one of the greatest accomplishments in sports history," said Gronkowski of his and Brady's journey to and with the Buccaneers. "I mean, I'm not going to say it's the greatest, but it's up there for sure.

"To come down here to Tampa, come to an organization that was ready to win, come down here with the players -- they're all fantastic players, great guys -- just everyone overall, the story is unbelievable and it definitely ranks up there with one of my biggest accomplishments ever."

Buccaneers linebacker Shaquil Barrett acknowledged the greatness of Brady after the Super Bowl win. "The way the relationships in the locker room were, the way he prepared, the way he prepped everything, it's pretty similar to Brady," Barrett said.

"It's been amazing to have Brady come in and lead us to the Super Bowl champs. It's nothing else to be said. Brady, there's nothing he can't do. New team, new scheme, first year, going to the Super Bowl and winning it all. He's the GOAT for sure."