Dolphins' Ryan Fitzpatrick tips Tua Tagovailoa to have big Year 2

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Dolphins' Ryan Fitzpatrick tips Tua Tagovailoa to have big Year 2

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has encouraged Tua Tagovailoa to stay in positive spirits as he insists everything will work out just fine in the end for the rookie quarterback. Tagovailoa, who was selected at No.

5 in the last NFL draft, started the season on the bench but he was named the starter mid-season. Tagovailoa definitely showed flashes of his talent in his rookie season but also several times his inexperience was visible and the Dolphins had to put Fitzpatrick in the game to bail them out.

"Everything is going to be a little more comfortable this year," Fitzpatrick told ESPN on Thursday. "Playing in the league is going to be a little more familiar, your routine through the week and on road games.

He's no longer trying to figure out where the grocery store is, where he's going to live or what car he's going to drive. All that stuff is figured out. He can solely focus on being an NFL QB. "To have an offseason, to have repetitions, to have some sense of continuity with [co-offensive coordinators] George Godsey and Eric Studesville in his ear calling the plays and working with him.

All that stuff points to him having a much better season this year and continuing to progress as a quarterback. That's the most important thing for him -- progression."

Fitzpatrick believes Tagovailoa has got the game

"They drafted him in the top five for a reason, with his skill set and what he can do.

There are very few people on this planet who can do that. For them to be fully bought in and believe in him, he's going to do the same thing. He's going to buy into what they're coaching, and I think good results are going to come from it," Fitzpatrick added.

Deshaun Watson, who led the NFL in passing yards this season, requested a trade out of the Houston Texans. Reportedly, Watson would like to play in Miami and the Dolphins could send Tagovailoa to the Texans in an exchange for Watson.

"That's the nature of being a QB in the spotlight," Fitzpatrick said of the Tagovailoa and Watson swap rumors. "Unless you're winning the Super Bowl, there are always going to be questions and rumors.

You look at a guy like Jared Goff, who was in the Super Bowl a few years ago and a No. 1 pick, now he's on another team."