New Lions QB Jared Goff: Rams split wasn't fun

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New Lions QB Jared Goff: Rams split wasn't fun

New Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff has acknowledged that it became obvious the Los Angeles Rams didn't want him on the team anymore. Last week, the Rams traded Goff and multiple picks to the Lions in an exchange for Matthew Stafford.

The Rams were non-commital to Goff after their playoff exit and it seemed that the Rams wanted to move on from the 2016 No. 1 pick. "As the quarterback, as the guy that's at arguably the most important position on the field, if you're in a place that you're not wanted and they want to move on from you, the feeling's mutual," Goff told the Los Angeles Times.

"You don't want to be in the wrong place. It became increasingly clear that was the case." Goff, who was taken by the Rams at No. 1 five years ago, was unsure when the Rams decided that he wouldn't be part of their future.

"That's the tough part right now is trying to figure that out, when did that happen?" Goff said. "Those are all conversations that I may or may not have, and try to figure it out. That's the conversation to have."

Goff excited about the new chapter of his career

Goff, who led the Rams to the Super Bowl in 2019, is hoping to get his career back on the right track in Detroit. "You start to feel, I don't want to say 'relief' is the word, but you start to feel happy, grateful, ready for a new opportunity," Goff said.

"That's the biggest feeling that I was overcome with that night, and even in the days following." Despite the not-so-great split, Goff will never forget the Rams. "Obviously, the ending wasn't favorable and wasn't fun," Goff said.

"But them drafting me No. 1 overall and bringing me to a city that hasn't had a football team in a long time, being a part of that rebuild after 2016, being able to help bring L.A. football back to prominence, all that stuff I take extreme pride in.

It's something that I'll always remember." Shortly after the trade, Goff claimed he was happy to be a Lion. "I'm just excited to be somewhere that I know wants me and appreciates me," Goff told on Sunday morning.

"I'm moving forward and couldn't be more excited to build a winner there. I'm excited about Dan (Campbell) and the whole staff."