Buccaneers' Tom Brady wants to win Super Bowl for coach Bruce Arians

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Buccaneers' Tom Brady wants to win Super Bowl for coach Bruce Arians

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has nothing but good to say of team head coach Bruce Arians and he is determined to win a Super Bowl for his coach. Arians, who came out of coaching retirement to join the Buccaneers in 2019, coached Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl this season, in which they are set to face the Kansas City Chiefs.

"He's a great man. A great leader. A great person. A great friend," Brady said of Arians, whom he got to know when Arians retired briefly and worked in broadcasting in 2018. "He's very loyal. He's just got a great way about communicating effectively with everybody around here."

Brady insists he is not the only Buccaneer that loves Arians as he claims the rest of the guys on the team share the same thought for the head coach. "Everybody has a great affection for him, for the person he is," Brady said of Arians.

"There's nobody that would ever say anything bad about BA. He's just so endearing to everybody. And I think everyone wants to win for him."

Brady praises Arians for the job he has done this year

"He puts a lot into it, expects a lot out of it," Brady said.

"He has high expectations for us every day at practice. Just really excited for him to be recognized the way that he is. I know he's two-time [AP] Coach of the Year, but he's really done an amazing job this year with the team in really adverse situations.

I just love playing for him." The Buccaneers made the Super Bowl without playing a match on their home field as they beat the Washington Football Team, New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers on the road. "The belief he gave everybody in the organization that this could be done -- it only took one man," Arians said of Brady.

Meanwhile, Arians voiced his displeasure over Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich not receiving any head coaching interviews. "That really pissed me off, I'll be honest with ya," Arians said of Leftwich not getting interviews.

"The job he's done -- he coaches quarterbacks, he calls plays, he's everything everybody says they're looking for -- I was really hoping he'd get his first few interviews and maybe get a job out of it.

But I can't speak to what the owners think and who they listen to sometimes. But it's just a matter of time before he gets his."