Trent Dilfer still disappointed with how he split with Ravens after Super Bowl win

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Trent Dilfer still disappointed with how he split with Ravens after Super Bowl win

One-time Pro Bowl quarterback Tom Dilfer admits he is still disappointed over becoming the first quarterback who was not given a chance to defend his Super Bowl title. 20 years ago In the Super Bowl XXXV, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-7 to win the Super Bowl.

Two weeks later, the Ravens informed Dilfer that they were moving on from him as their starting quarterback. "You know, I've been through a lot in my life and I try not to be bitter about anything," Dilfer said, per ESPN.

"I'd say that's one I'm still harboring a little bit of bitterness because of the why. It was so poorly evaluated on their behalf. They knew I was hurt." The Ravens won the Super Bowl with Dilfer at the starting quarterback position but he wasn't getting respect as some thought Dilfer was the worst quarterback to play in the Super Bowl.

"There's legendary stories of how bad I was in practice, and they're all true," Dilfer said. "I had some of the worst practices in the history of football for a quarterback. If my high school quarterback practiced like I did sometimes that year, I wouldn't play him.

But I was hurt. There was a reason for it. It wasn't that I wasn't trying. I didn't suck. I sucked physically."

Dilfer hoped to return to the Ravens

Dilfer was willing to return to Baltimore thought he wasn't going to be a starter but then he learned that they were looking at a a third-string quarterback.

"He could barely talk. He could barely get it out of his mouth," Dilfer said. "You're their third choice in free agency. And I just went, 'What?' I was shell-shocked." Neither general manager at the time Ozzie Newsome nor coach Brian Billick called Dilfer to inform him about the decision not to re-sign him.

"That's one of the few things that Brian Billick did that I didn't agree with," Hall of Fame offensive lineman Jonathan Ogden said. "Just give the guy a chance to come back and win his job. But it didn't happen that way."

Ravens defensive tackle Sam Adams thought Dilfer deserved another chance with the team. "I felt betrayed by them letting Trent go," Adams said. "I was hurt by that. He was a great leader, he was a scrapper, and he was the consummate Baltimore Raven.

If it wasn't for Trent Dilfer -- I don't care what we did on defense -- if it wasn't for him coming in doing what he did, we would have never won a Super Bowl."