Bruce Arians to remain Buccaneers coach even if they lose Super Bowl

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Bruce Arians to remain Buccaneers coach even if they lose Super Bowl

Bruce Arians has confirmed that he will remain the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach even if his side loses to the Kansas City Chiefs in the upcoming Super Bowl. Arians, who came out of coaching retirement in 2019 to join the Buccaneers, is enjoying a major success in his second year in Tampa Bay.

"Hell no. I'm going for two," Arians told 95.3 WDAE on Wednesday morning. "There's no doubt. If the Glazers will have me back, I'll be back." Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich has been a big reason behind the team's success and coach Arians is frustrated that Leftwich hasn't had any head coaching interviews.

"That really pissed me off, I'll be honest with ya," Arians said of Leftwich not getting interviews. "The job he's done -- he coaches quarterbacks, he calls plays, he's everything everybody says they're looking for -- I was really hoping he'd get his first few interviews and maybe get a job out of it.

But I can't speak to what the owners think and who they listen to sometimes. But it's just a matter of time before he gets his."

The Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints en route to the Super Bowl

Meanwhile, Saints general manager Mickey Loomis acknowledged that New Orleans won't be hitting the reset button this offseason despite a loss to the Buccaneers.

"Listen, we've got a great roster. And I can't foresee a circumstance where we're not going to say, 'Man, we're gonna do everything we can to win -- win now and compete for a championship,'" Loomis said during a videoconference with the media while attending the Senior Bowl.

Saints starting quarterback Drew Brees is expxected to retire and but the Saints also have Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston on their roster. "All that evaluation and what happens with that still remains to be seen," Loomis said.

"We like [quarterback Taysom Hill]. We like Jameis. We liked what they did for us. But just like any position, we're going to have a lot of discussion over the next week or two." The Saints could face some salary cap issues this offseason.

"Look, for sure it's going to be challenging," Loomis said of the salary cap. "And yet I don't want to speculate as to how challenging it's going to be until we have a better understanding of what's going to be available -- not just for this year, but even for the year after.

So I can't really answer that question other than to say, yeah, it's going to be daunting. I think it's going to be daunting for a majority of teams in our league."