Bills HC Sean McDermott: Chiefs are still level above us

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Bills HC Sean McDermott: Chiefs are still level above us

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott has acknowledged that the Kansas City Chiefs are still a level above his team. The Bills exceeded the expectations this season as they made the AFC Championships Game, in which they led before losing to the Chiefs 38-24 on the road.

The Bills scored a field goal and an early touchdown to open a 9-0 lead but then surrendered 21 unanswered points as the Chiefs took a 21-9 lead. "There is still a gap in terms of where we are and where they are. It's not just one answer that solves that problem," McDermott said, as quoted on ESPN.

"We all have to, starting with me, we all have to continue asking ourselves the hard questions of the what-ifs and the whys and the hows. We as a staff have to get better and improve, we have to improve our roster, we have to improve our operation and what we do."

McDermott acknowledges the Bills still have ways to go

The Chiefs lost in the AFC Championships Game two years ago, before winning the Super Bowl last year. McDermott noted that building a championship team takes time and the Bills need to be patient.

"They're in Year 8, and we're in Year 4," McDermott said. "But that's a little bit of a feel for how long they've been building their program and where we are. There's a lot that we've improved on in terms of what's gotten us to where we are."

Bills coach McDermott suggested that the speed element was on the Chiefw' side and that was one of the reasons behind their win. "I think the speed element showed up on the field the other night," he said.

"I don't think it takes a coach to realize that. Speed and size, that's what this game is -- speed, size and physicality." Overall, McDermott was satisfied with the way this season unfolded for the Bills and he is hoping to go a step further next year.

"It's certainly a benchmark or landmark to where we've gotten beyond now, right," he said. "I think that speaks well for the future of this organization moving forward. There's not a lot of teams that can answer that question and say 'yes, we have our quarterback,' and I can tell you, and you've watched it, Josh Allen is a very good quarterback and one we can win with for years to come."