George Kittle Optimistic About Brandon Aiyuk, 49ers Securing Extension

49ers' George Kittle shares insights on team negotiations

by Zain ul Abedin
George Kittle Optimistic About Brandon Aiyuk, 49ers Securing Extension
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As the 2024 season approaches, San Francisco 49ers fans can only speculate about what lies in the future for Brandon Aiyuk. Indeed, Aiyuk has taken part in none of these preparations this off-season, as shown by a fifth-year option coming in just north of $14.1 million; his preferences ran remarkably counter to expectation.

Therefore, kitting Aiyuk in a more glamorous extension beyond that would also put him toward the top of league position-specific pay raise hopes for him. But negotiations between Aiyuk and the 49ers have continued without any further progress.

As of the end of June, Aiyuk himself has stated that a renewal has no chance soon in sight. It is clear the team and player are at an impasse in these discussions, and who knows how it will end?? Despite these circumstances, 49ers star tight end George Kittle remains confident in the extension Aiyuk will ultimately receive.

Kittle, who has his own history of dealing with the team's front office, emphasized that last-minute deals are nothing new for big players like himself - as well as referring back to the experiences of others who, before each new season, signed big deals.

As reported by, on The Rich Eisen Show Kittle was quizzed about the matter.

Kittle Discusses Contract Dynamics

Kittle, reflecting on contracts that San Francisco 49ers players have signed in prior years, remarked, "I think, if you look at my career, being a Forty-Niner, and the way most of the contracts have gone, I didn’t get signed until the second week of training camp, Deebo [Samuel] was pretty late [in 2022], [Nick] Bosa was [right before] the first week of [last] season.

That’s just how business is done out there." Kittle also said that he deliberately avoids discussions about negotiations to preserve his impartiality. "I’m not in the meetings. I have no idea [how negotiations are progressing].

I actually go out of my way to not talk to anybody going through contract negotiations, so when people ask me questions, I have absolutely no idea. But I’m not concerned about it," he explained. Despite the ongoing contractual saga, Kittle offered praise for Aiyuk's contributions to the team, calling him "a phenomenal football player who’s a big part of our offense.

I should also mention that he is one of the most complete receivers I've ever played with." The statistics speak for themselves. 75 receptions for 1,342 yards and seven touchdowns last season, similar impressive stats in 2022. Aiyuk's accomplishments on the field cannot be questioned.