Arch Manning Discusses Reasons Behind Transfer

Arch Manning's Challenging Journey with Longhorns

by Nouman Rasool
Arch Manning Discusses Reasons Behind Transfer
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Five-star quarterback prospect Arch Manning has since explained why he chose to stick with the Texas Longhorns instead of transferring out following news that starting signal-caller Quinn Ewers will return for his senior year.

Ewers’ decision set off transfer speculation for Manning to wherever could potentially start right away. While that may be true, Manning announced his plans to stick with Texas on Tuesday. Such is the harsh reality as he told The Athletic's Larry Holder in a lengthy back-and-forth covering his decision.

“Those are always tough situations and you want to be out there playing with your boys,” Manning conceded. He went on to elaborate about that mindset, “But [it came down to] just realizing there’s nowhere else I want to be and it was my dream growing up playing at Texas.

I will just tough it out and get there eventually. This is your young quarterback taking into account his desire to be great, as well as a calculated patience that reaffirms the desires of affording himself opportunity and time on his road ahead.

Manning, the son of sizably named NFL QBs, has been a media darling since high school. The top high school recruit in the class of 2023, with his family's history preceding him and also setting off a new set of ambitions.

Manning's Resolute Stand

The fact Manning refused to accept a decision which didn't allow him back on Texas but just for games shows his character and how much he cared about the team.

While he laments the process and environment at Texas, which has hindered his ability to live out that dream as of yet, saying there is value in it toward eventually fulfilling that aspiration. In the long term this decision may disappoint some fans, who understandably want nothing more than Manning to start right away; short of evidence in black and white that he's not quite ready for primetime.

Kind of a sad reflection on human nature but such is life at 207 West Genesee Street here since dawn touched downtown again late Saturday night. For the top prospect or 16-year-old phenom, Arch Manning will make a defining step in his career by becoming old fashioned and showing young athletes everywhere that they need to be patient.