Steelers CB Cameron Sutton Gets 8-Game Suspension for Conduct Breach

Steelers Face Setback with Sutton's Midseason Suspension

by Zain ul Abedin
Steelers CB Cameron Sutton Gets 8-Game Suspension for Conduct Breach
© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Cornerback Cameron Sutton of the Pittsburgh Steelers has been fined and suspended for eight games and without pay due to violation of the NFL personal conduct policy. The league cleared on Monday the disciplinary measures thus putting Sutton on suspension for half of the impending football season.

It’s based on a case of domestic violence involving Cameron Sutton that occurred in March and which named him as the perpetrator. Police later released an arrest warrant, which was related to the misdemeanor charges of battery, according to recent incidences.

Cameron Sutton was subsequently arrested because he decided to turn himself in, and he took a pretrial diversion, which is a program that is not a court trial that entails counseling, among other activities.

Sutton's Suspension Saga

The spousal assault was reported to the NFL, which also looked into the March event.

Reviewing the case, Sutton’s actions were identified to be in violation with the league's personal conduct policy. This determination has led to the above-stated significant suspension made which helps put into earnest the NFL’s stand on the expected etiquette of its players.

Before this suspension, Cameron Sutton played for the Detroit Lions for some duration. After this warrant was put into practice, the Detroit Lions let him go, and this saw him head back to Pittsburgh Steelers. Sutton began NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers after being drafted in the third round in the 2017 NFL draft with the 94th pick.

His career ensnares in domestic misdemeanors, which have interfered with his defensive skills and field strategies. Cameron Sutton will be eligible for reinstatement on October 29 in relation to the effects of the Week 8 game of Pittsburgh against the New York Giants.

This timeline paves way for Sutton to come back to the field if he is to fulfill all the regulations laid down by the league.