Jets' QB Aaron Rodgers Sparks Media Frenzy

Aaron Rodgers Steps Up for Community Aid.

by Nouman Rasool
Jets' QB Aaron Rodgers Sparks Media Frenzy
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Not many NFL players will face more scrutiny from the media this season than New York Jets starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The reality is the spotlight does not shine very nicely on him more often than it shines badly. The most recent example of this comes from last month, when the media openly mourned Rodgers' absence at the team's mandatory minicamp.

Instead of reaching the brief minicamp, Rodgers instead kept alive his planned trip. Even though the Jets knew about and okayed his choice, Wilde Manny was suddenly rendered a selfish player who didn't care about anyone but himself.

This pattern of coverage communicates to me that the national media is always looking for an excuse rip Rodgers as unjustly as they can. Yet a far less publicized side of the Rodgers story surfaced more recently. Most importantly, It reminded me of a great gesture from Rodgers, who has reportedly donated $100K to the wildfire victims in California.

Rodgers has long been an advocate for this cause having grown up in Butte County a region that is often devastated by wildfires.

Aaron Rodgers' Hometown Support

Also on the list was donations to the Oroville Church of the Nazarene and American Red Cross.

After his own contribution, 40-year-old Rodgers stressed the importance of helping out in his hometown. During a recent conversation, Gates told me that "I will always be committed to Northern California home areas with my friends at the North Valley Community Foundation.

Our hearts are with the families and communities who have been hit by this terrible tragedy, and we will be deploying funds to each of these groups immediately." It is easy to rip the quarterback of the NY Jets, but it's also important we take note of his charitable efforts.

A man who gives equivalent deference to his quarterback, with the generous caveat that Rodgers chooses to be an undercover philanthropist. Nonetheless, these positive stories are deserving of the same media spotlight like however non-political scandals.

While Rodgers may not be a media sweetheart, the basic principle of journalism is fair and equal reporting. The 2024 NFL season nears and Rodgers will no doubt continue to be a popular game on blogs, social media platforms, radio shows. We can only pray that whatever coverage we do get is both fair and thorough given the nature of these stories.

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