Tom Brady Tagged 'Liar' on Patrick Mahomes Comments

Exploring Tom Brady's emotional game moments.

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Brady Tagged 'Liar' on Patrick Mahomes Comments
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During an appearance on "The Pivot" podcast, Tom Brady spoke about how Patrick Mahomes plays with such a youthful exuberance to some nostalgic feelings of his own NFL journey. "Especially when I see these young players, like Patrick out there at quarterback bouncing around laughing and having a good time.

I remember doing that. What the hell happened?" Brady said of the matter, according to The Daily Mail. Christian Fauria, Brady's former teammate with the New England Patriots and current radio host at WEEI in Boston, joked that Brady is not "wired" the same as Mahomes.

Fauria told the New York Post that essentially Brady and Mahomes are wired in ways vastly dissimilar. Fauria joked: "Brady's a liar." "When I heard it, I was like, Who does he think he is? He can’t change. He can’t downshift.

This is not who he is. He’s not wired like Mahomes."

Tom Brady's Joyful Gameplay

The notion that Brady did not enjoy what he was doing came as somewhat of a surprise to Fauria, who dismissed the idea. He provided an insight into his regular observations of Brady's on field demeanour that suggested the legendary QB absolutely did experience enjoyment in what he was doing.

“However, I know that he’s not a fussy dude. I’ve seen him have a good time, heard him laugh and joke around,” Fauria said. "but you could see it during the game, on some of those throws that he made or when won a game and got them out for first down." He is thrilled, exalting and yelping as only a big kid would, yet the fact of the matter is he's just built so astoundingly unlike Mahomes.

He's different than and everything else. Friendly trash talk like this between former teammates is a reminder of the wide range of personalities and approaches in sports, showing just how differently players bring their own style to the game.

Even if Brady looks back on his younger days and wistfully expresses some envy for the Mahomes free-flowing spirit, at their cores both athletes have an immense love of football that simply manifests itself in different ways.

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