Jason Kelce Voices Controversial Anti-American Stance

Kelce Discusses Fireworks Fear on Podcast

by Nouman Rasool
Jason Kelce Voices Controversial Anti-American Stance
© Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

On the Fourth of July, fireworks burst into light across our country bringing with them a little inherent message about celebration and love for your land. But not everyone is as gung ho about firecrackers. Philadelphia Eagles centre recently spoke on the fear he (Jason) felt every time a firework would be let off during an episode of their new podcast, New Heights with The Kelce Bros.

Jason admitted his worry, saying: "Ed and Donna was that tough no growing up, I'm not going to lie. I just hate lighting any of those things anywhere near me. I am out on the fireworks...I'm terrified of them." This might be thought of as anti-American, especially with the fourth right around the corner.

Travis Kelce also shed light on his brother's trepidation, recalling a harrowing story from childhood. Dad and Aunt Judy, I think they knew someone when he was young that like blew his hand off or some shit. Of course such traumatic experiences would color ones perspective and make one leery of supposed harmless traditions.

Fireworks: Risk and Revelry

American Independence Day is a time for the night sky to come alive with blossoming fireworks tributes as emblematic of joy and national spirit; however they are not devoid of hazardous elements.

From lesions to fatal incidents: The dangers of fireworks are well known. This is a complex mix of both contrasting dichotomies even if it seems definitively to be part and parcel the celebration many believe hallmark Fourth of July festivities.

Jason may harbour fears, but he invites us to a conversation about the equilibrium between how it was and our personal safety. While the spectacle of enormous, neon-coloured shows colors in Americans' minds as a tradition best associated with patriotism and summer evenings is one that many embrace - an idea we deploy even without hesitating to stop anyone from dabbling in explosives they may wish for elsewhere.

but also assures them: Jason Kelce dreads what hides inside those beautiful blasts remains realer than fireworks on America's landscape. While the nation revels in its freedom and independence, so too does conversation regarding fireworks take flight much like those displays which annually wow countless spectators.

Whether one agrees with those fears held by Jason Kelce, what his candor reveals is the diversity of experiences and emotions a part of American tradition.