Chargers' Justin Herbert Shines, Bozeman Says He's a 10-Year Pro

Chargers overhaul offense to boost Super Bowl chances

by Zain ul Abedin
Chargers' Justin Herbert Shines, Bozeman Says He's a 10-Year Pro
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Justin Herbert is now entering his fifth NFL season with the Chargers, but the team will make a fourth different OC change in four years. Notwithstanding the constant changes from Shane Steichen to Joe Lombardi and then to Kellen Moore and, currently, Greg Roman, Herbert is very versatile.

With the help of an experienced coach, Jim Harbaugh, Herbert catching is not just studying; he is memorizing Roman’s tactics almost to perfection. Chargers' newly acquired centre, Bradley Bozeman, is shocked by Herbert’s understanding of the play’s script."He acts like he's been in the system for 10 years," Bozeman told to the team’s official website.

"He dives so deep into the system and knew it so well before anyone else could even grasp it. It's been impressive to see him put people in the right positions and just elevate people around him." Bozeman the first 4 seasons of his NFL tenure were spent with the Baltimore Ravens, and he played under the direct tutelage of Greg Roman.

That familiarity with Roman, his relations with Chargers Offensive Line coach Mike Devlin, and the general Harbaugh coaching mentality make him a key factor in the transition to Roman’s offense.

Bozeman's Super Bowl Dream

The Chargers are coming off an outstanding season but have had to reorganize their attack this off-season on the receiver front, backfield, and the line of scrimmage.

Among them, Bozeman and first-round Tackle Joe Alt are expected to contribute greatly. As far as Bozeman’s impressions of Herbert and the team in the first episodes are concerned, he only spoke in the key of enthusiasm.

"I played under G-Ro for four years in Baltimore, so I know what he's about and what he likes to do," he said. "I have familiarity with (Chargers offensive line coach Mike) Devlin and a bunch of the coaches over here. And I know what the Harbaugh family is about and how hard-nosed they are and how they are winners.

I want to win a Super Bowl and do a lot of really great things. We're only given a sliver of time to play football and I want to maximize my opportunity." As the Chargers await the training camp practices set for the 24th of July, the organization the players as well as the fans are optimistic that this good beginning under the leadership of Herbert is a caution thus the beginning of a successful season.

Though, having a superb Quarterback such as Herbert, the Chargers' dreams of clinching the Super Bowl are almost tangible.

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