Cam Newton: Lamar Jackson is NFL's Greatest Dual Threat Ever

Exploring quarterback styles in NFL's evolving landscape

by Zain ul Abedin
Cam Newton: Lamar Jackson is NFL's Greatest Dual Threat Ever
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In the daunting theatre of the NFL, where icons are made and defined both in talent and hype, Cam Newton had his time as a quarterback, and among many of his accomplishments, he scores a record 75 rushing touchdowns. Thus, an 11-year-long career split between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots has ensured his place among other legends of the quarterback position.

However, the same Newton seems to shy off and shift the mantle to the other when it comes to recognizing the greatest dual-threat quarterback. In an informal interview on the "4th and 1 Show," Newton was attacked specifically about the quarterback ranking as the best dual threat in the league.

His response was concise and unequivocal: "No. Lamar Jackson." Newton’s confession explains why the Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback is so special, as he is fast and dangerous for the extent of the football field.

Newton Praises Jackson

Newton went on to explain the differences between his and Jackson’s performances, and as a result, he highered Jackson’s abilities.

"Lamar's style is different than mine," he added, while referring to the style of Lamar. He has big plays, any play, Newton went to say, "He's got speed that I never had. And he's just a legend." Meanwhile, Newton, who also enjoys power and mobility, has also totally different styles than Jackson.

"I can run, but I'm going to probably get caught. Vick, Lamar, they ain't getting caught." he said, referring to another brilliant athlete, Michael Vick. After Vick, who has the single-season record of 6,109 yards, Newton is second with 5,631 rushing yards.

Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson are also in the list for this variable field; Jackson will overtake Vick if he sustains his career mean of 876 rushing yards per season by 2024. Though Jackson is chucking up his yardage season by season, his total of 29 rushing touchdowns pales in comparison to Newton’s record.

However, the given storyline of Jackson’s career progression indicates that he is set on redefining the quarterback position still more and likely other milestones on the way.

Lamar Jackson