Ex-Player Issues Dak Prescott Alert to Cowboys

Dak Prescott's Contract Urgency Explained

by Nouman Rasool
Ex-Player Issues Dak Prescott Alert to Cowboys
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Former NFL player and current analyst Sam Acho has recommended to the Dallas Cowboys that they act quickly on a contract extension for quarterback Dak Prescott, before costs go up. During an appearance on ESPN's "First Take," Acho stressed that it would be financial savvy to get a deal done sooner rather than later.

“The other reason for Dallas to pay Dak now is that price there goes up if you don’t," Lombardi said, noting the explosion in quarterback salaries over the past year. Prescott, a high performer every year since being drafted by EA Sports in Madden 16, was one of three MVP finalists for the final award of the series.

Per Pro Football Reference, he is No. 2 in the NFL with a 72.7 adjusted QBR, third with 4,516 passing yards and first-yes first-with his franchise-record/passing TDs of this air age (36). Dallas will no longer have the option to tag Prescott in 2025 under his current deal, so it could move closer to a middle ground with heightened sense of urgency.

Quarterback Market Surge

The quarterback market continues to heat up with deals such as Jordan Loves looming big extension soon from the Green Bay Packers and Trevor Lawrences recently minted $275 million agreement from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That kind of performance and value are why Acho said Prescott shouldn't take anything less than $60 million per year, given his "track record" and unique importance to the team. "well, if you are not going to roll with Dak, who after him is only give me a guy that can get the same consistency," Acho wondered, campaigning for Prescott to receive the biggest quarterback salary.

As 24-year-old Trey Lance or potential free agents like Kirk Cousins loom as alternatives, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a big choice to make. Outside of 2020, Jones cedes he might wait to see what Prescott can do with his 2-5 playoff record before committing major dollars beyond this season. This strategic choice will also decide the course of their future years and progress in them.

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