Tom Brady Shares Major Career Regret: 'What Happened to Me?'

Brady Reflects on Regrets, NFL Career Highs

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Brady Shares Major Career Regret: 'What Happened to Me?'
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Today, we have the latest sign of just how ridiculous it is that Tom Brady can still play professional football at an elite level more than 23 years after he was an NFL rookie. Brady is the NFL's leader in career passing yards and touchdown passes but on "The Pivot" podcast he admitted one particularly large regret.

In response to that, Brady added: "What I would say is... when you watch these young players-like Patrick at quarterback for the Chiefs and Lamar [Jackson] with his agility-I think 'I probably used to move like those guys did!' What the hell had come over me? He admitted that he once lost sight of the right balance between deep, poised work and keeping it fun, something for which he expressed a hint of remorse.

“When you reflect, I can say certainly that in my mind I could never see myself being wrapped up again," Brady said further. But the truth is, you will never go back to change what happened in your past. So you learn, and go 'All right, the next phase of life have a little more fun with it."

Super Bowl XLII Heartbreak

That self-analysis was only one amongst other subjects of his nadirs in football some of you remember the Patriots' devastating 17-14 defeat to the Giants back in Super Bowl XLII.

The loss kept New England from achieving an undefeated season, a feat that had been accomplished only once before in NFL history. In a documentary on the Patriots' dynasty produced by Apple TV, Brady tells viewers that: "We were crushed.

I was crushed. Then that was our game of history. That could have been all... and that was it, for about as destroyed we can live. I went without sleep for a long time. Her life with Brady was not without moments of joy and celebration.

Namely when he leaped into the arms of his teammates after beating Kansas City in overtime at that 2018 AFC Championship to delay Mahomes' and Chiefs' rise. Brady clearly indulged in those victorious moments, even if he occasionally took the game too seriously.

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