Chiefs' Charles Omenihu on ACL Recovery: 'Slow Process' but Progressing Well

Chiefs' Defense Awaits Key Return Amid Recovery Updates

by Zain ul Abedin
Chiefs' Charles Omenihu on ACL Recovery: 'Slow Process' but Progressing Well
© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

During a conversation with Aaron Wilson KPRC 2 Houston, Kansas City Chiefs pass rusher Charles Omenihu, while focusing on his ACL rehabilitation, said the following. In his words, which he expressed during a youth football camp on Sunday, Omenihu said he is gradually recovering.

"It’s going good," Omenihu said. "Slow process, everybody told me it was going to be like that, but it's been decent." These injuries are mainly characteristic of late seasons, thus causing players to spend chunks of the subsequent season injured.

At times, such setbacks can also put a player’s season in danger or reduce his capabilities when the player is back. Despite these ordeals, Omenihu has hope of coming on a big bang to help the chiefs achieve their dream of being a three-time winner.

Omenihu's Steady Progress

"Honestly, right now, I'm steady, I'm cool," he further went on to say. "I got to be like this. I kind of keep myself like that, just stay plain, and we'll get to the point where I ramp it up like that." At present, they lack depth on the edge as they have only George Karlaftis, Michael Danna, and the recently drafted Felix Anudike-Uzomah.

Omenihu could be that talent that returns and boosts this squad up on the defensive front. Based on his latest status in rehabilitation, it will be possible that the team may look for another experienced edge rusher as insurance in case the said player takes much more time in his recovery.

It is good to note that Omenihu has the morale and determination to come back for the final fight at his best. While passing through all those stages of rehabilitation, his motivation is not only to get back to the pitch but to do it as soon as possible to help his team dominate the opponents once again.

Not only is Mahomes' trip back to the field information about his personal struggle, but it also encompasses a significant component of the Chiefs’ defensive scheme as well as their attempt to secure another Super Bowl Title.