Jordan Love NFL Future at Risk Due to Sunday Ticket Lawsuit

Packers face contract dilemma amid NFL lawsuit fallout

by Nouman Rasool
Jordan Love NFL Future at Risk Due to Sunday Ticket Lawsuit
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The Green Bay Packers find themselves in a difficult but desirable position that can only be described as *way more complex* than secondary complexity. The Utah Jazz have superstar quarterback Jordan Love, who just completed his rookie season as the Packers' starting QB.

At first glance, re-upping his contract through the 2024 season appeared to be a no-brainer. But things have gotten a little hairy since then. Justis Mosqueda underscored the Packers' crossroads as they are set up to be the team closest on what happens in regards to NFL Sunday Ticket from here on out but also are going to have a big QB extension contract coming soon.

NFL's Legal Setback

The NFL suffered a major legal setback this week, when jurors told the league to pay residents and businesses who bought its out-of-market Sunday Ticket package more than $4 billion in damages after losing an antitrust lawsuit.

That figure could rise as high as $12 billion. For comparison, the NFL as a whole had $19 billion in revenue in 2023 including money from Sunday Ticket of which will now be affected with these penalties. That financial blow indicates one another unavoidable result that is the impending effect on the NFL salary cap, which almost certainly will take a hit; it could either be reduced or perhaps eilminated from existence.

The Packers may actually come out of this looking good, especially if the salary cap gets blown up againt signing Love now before a hard cap ceiling. Asset On the flipside, constraints like this might put Jordan Love in a more difficult situation (subscription required).

Green Bay plans to pay Love $55 million annually, the same number that both Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow are at right now as Mosqueda mentioned... but how can they do so if there is no way of knowing what their cap situation will look like three years down the road or even in 2022? Further, their financial risk could be heightened if Love sees his ability to earn money out of the gate reduced and that may prompt some hesitance on finalizing a deal from the Packers perspective.

That could leave Love as an unrestricted free agent ahead of 2024, susceptible to injury or ineffective play along the way that would do further damage to his earning potential.