Brandon Aiyuk Confirms: 'For Sure' Staying with 49ers in 2024

49ers' Aiyuk Cool Amid Contract Extension Talks

by Zain ul Abedin
Brandon Aiyuk Confirms: 'For Sure' Staying with 49ers in 2024
© Chris Unger/Getty Images

This comes despite the having a somewhat murky contract for the 2024 season San Francisco 49ers, star wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk committed to the team. Given such discussions continue to this day regarding its continuation beyond his current rookie contract, Aiyuk’s position has been publicly optimistic about his plans with the team.

Explaining the decision to TMZ Sports at the Los Angeles International Airport, Aiyuk said he was happy to extend his career with the Niners under the tutelage of Shanahan. "For Sure," Aiyuk continued to emphasize seeking to ensure he was still in the 49ers’ roster next season.

Below is the statement that has come to fan’s aid, especially those wondering what his next move would be as he has done pretty well since joining the Niners in 2020.

Aiyuk's Relaxed Stance

Heading into his fourth and final year of his rookie contract, Aiyuk will make roughly $14m this season, a fee way below the elite receivers such as Justin Jefferson and Tyreek Hill, who make well over $30m.

There is what could be termed as common knowledge that Aiyuk has sought a pay rise from the 49ers following his performance for the team. However, during the financial talks which are going on at the background of the contract talks, Aiyuk seems calm and relaxed.

He said, "I'm just vibing, man. I'm just hanging out." ; this reveals a laid-back demeanor during what may likely be a stressful period for most athletes.

Subsequently eradicating speculations, Aiyuk had to explain an incident where he had donned a Pittsburgh Pirates hat during the entry into Levi’s Stadium.

He pointed out that even the hat which he gave her, was just an accessory of the product and not as associated with the romantic aspect of the relationship. Said Aiyuk to the fans and media, "Everybody can rest easy. We've got God on our side.

Everybody rest easy."