Travis Kelce Shares Taylor Swift's Reaction to 'Diva' Treatment at NFL Games

Taylor Swift surprises fans with her NFL game behavior

by Nouman Rasool
Travis Kelce Shares Taylor Swift's Reaction to 'Diva' Treatment at NFL Games
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Taylor Swift is one of the world's top pop stars; millions of fans globally have manifested in sold-out concerts during her "Eras Tour." At that popularity level, keeping tight personal security would be expected. However, things changed when Taylor went to her first NFL game to watch her boyfriend Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

He came out to talk about it in an interview recently and said that he was shocked she acted that way. Swift attended the game against Chicago at Arrowhead Stadium last year. She was there to support Travis, who had worked out a special package for her.

Being the superstar that she is, she was in the booth, screaming away with Travis' mom, Donna Kelce, and tons of family friends and friends of the Kelces.

Kelce on Swift

Travis Kelce recently spoke about that night during an episode of the 'Bussin' With the Boys' podcast.

He told them what it was about and how that pop "diva" really impressed him. According to Kelce, he felt Swift didn't need all that attention for that game the night before and did care, plainly just about being around him and then for a particular event to support one.

Kelce said Taylor won his heart because she was vested in just wanting to be with him no celebrity status attached. He said that is what he loves about Taylor, the way she wants to live and experience things with family and friends without the "diva" treatment, just keeping it real.

Swift wants to be part of the big Kelce family without the perks that come from her overpowering popularity. She has a no-nonsense approach toward holding relationships based on reality and living her love with Travis Kelce loudly.

It resonates with fans who feel proud of their favorite singer. Yet another story that should make any Swiftie proud of their favorite singer and stand by her through thick and thin; this kind of authenticity adds to many reasons fans love and admire Taylor Swift one of music's most necessary and outstanding stars.

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