Kelly Stafford Apologizes as QB Controversy Extends to Family

Kelly Stafford apologizes in heartfelt post

by Nouman Rasool
Kelly Stafford Apologizes as QB Controversy Extends to Family
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Kelly Stafford apologized this week to Joe Cox and his family, but only after unintentionally creating a media frenzy in the family. This started when, during the "Off The Vine" podcast, Kelly shared how she used to tell her husband that she had dated a backup quarterback in college to make him envious.

Her story created mass speculation as people wondered who this mystery backup quarterback was. Describing her college days at the University of Georgia, Kelly said she dated the backup quarterback just to provoke Matthew, who is reportedly a Southern gentleman.

"I dated the backup to him off, which worked he was that bad boy type. Matthew's so sweet, a Southern gentleman and all that, and the backup was the complete opposite, and it upset him," Kelly explained in the podcast. It led to rampant speculation that the backup was Joe Cox, who was on hand for all three seasons that Stafford played for the Bulldogs.

Kelly Clarifies Misunderstanding

The assumption brought unwanted attention to Cox and his family, prompting Kelly to rush to social media and assure fans that he was not the one. She took to social media to rectify the situation, apologizing profusely to Cox and his wife, Erica.

"To this beautiful fam, I am sorry for the media storm that happened last week and came into your lives," she posted, outlining that they had nothing to do with the story and how much she had admired the couple's relationship during college.

Kelly apologized for the unexpected effect of her anecdote: "If it didn't affect others, I wouldn't even address it because it was so comical the way things were twisted. It was 16 years ago, and if you asked Matthew and me if we would change anything we did back then, nope.

But we appreciate the laughs." Matthew Stafford, a quarterback drafted top in the 2009 NFL Draft, spent 11 years with the Detroit Lions before his transfer to the Rams in 2021. The couple engaged in 2014 and became hitched a year later. They now have four daughters include twins, who were born in April 2017.