NFL Star Randall Cobb and Family Flee Nashville Home Blaze

NFL's Randall Cobb faces adversity at Nashville home

by Zain ul Abedin
NFL Star Randall Cobb and Family Flee Nashville Home Blaze
© Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb nearly lost his life and that of his family members in a fire outbreak at his Nashville home. The event that left the community and the family of Cobb upset and visibly affected happened earlier this week, and it was followed by people’s support.

In his post, Cobb, of course, published some of the very shocking pictures of the consequences of the fire and the words of thankfulness to all those who helped him during these hard times. Cobb said, "We are grateful for our incredible community in Nashville, and the support from our close friends that have given us a temporary roof over our heads and shoulders to lean on."

Randall Cobb's Brave Rescue

Randall Cobb and his wife Aiyda, and their three sons had to leave their house in a hurry marking the beginning of the ordeal.

While the fire raging on, they again and again went inside the burning house to save their family member - their dog Louie. Cobb later on extend his deepest thanks to the Nashville Fire Department, saying that their fast response helped prevent the fire from spreading and hence caused little damage.

Cobb is 33 years of age, and he is a free agent now and pondering over his future in the NFL; he had a season with the New York Jets, where he played alongside his former quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

In the course of the entire 2023 season, Cobb appeared in the field on 11 occasions and was able to catch 5 passes with a total of 39 yards as well as a touchdown. His career, mostly with the Green Bay Packers, has been quite long, over ten years, and that makes him one of the most experienced players in the league.