Jerry Jones 'Fed Up' with Mike McCarthy Before NFL Season Starts

Cowboys' McCarthy at odds with Jerry Jones

by Nouman Rasool
Jerry Jones 'Fed Up' with Mike McCarthy Before NFL Season Starts
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Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, is experiencing a significant amount of frustration from owner Jerry Jones's micromanagement with another vital season on the horizon. Following the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFL wild-card round, rumors started to swirl that Mike McCarthy would be relieved of his coaching duties.

Even with proven commodities like Mike Vrabel and Jim Harbaugh and six-time Super Bowl champion Bill Belichick, a decision from Jones indicated that McCarthy would enter a new season. Now through 60 seasons in the league as a Super Bowl XLV champion with the Packers, McCarthy heads into the 2024 season on an expiring contract.

Earlier, Jones alluded to the idea that coaches with expiring deals are often extra motivated; it was put to the test twice with Jason Garrett during his tenure with Dallas. Much of McCarthy's frustration is since the team has been the one proclaiming to be "all in" this offseason, as owner Jones said—something that doesn't seem to jibe with ongoing contract dilemmas, including at quarterback with Dak Prescott.

A source close to the team told Go Long that McCarthy is "doing the best he can" but is clearly "fed up" with the situation.

Prescott's Tough Position

Sympathy also falls on Prescott, whom many view as a talented leader who could have led them to a Super Bowl.

"It's hard. I feel bad for Dak," the source said, pointing out how difficult it has been on Prescott with how things have gone around him. But surely, the expectations would be higher concerning his praiseworthy regular season record of 42-25 and the best career win percentage of 62.7% among all the coaches in Cowboy history.

Success for McCarthy did not turn around much in his doing well in his playoff record as it was pale and somewhat wishy-washy of 1-3 during the four years. Under McCarthy, Dallas has fielded solid regular-season teams, posting three straight 12-win seasons — a record previously matched only by the cosmetic franchise dynasty of the 1990s.

The problem isn't the postseason, or it wasn't until now, with recent losses like Tony Pollard to the Titans and Tyler Biadasz to the Commanders further impacting things. With the 2024 season hitting, the uncertainty over McCarthy's future, and the Prescott contract situation offered, the upcoming twilight zone looms large for the squad.

According to Go Long, players are more and more worried about Jones's influence on their coach, which at some point is going to disrupt team morale in the quest for their first Super Bowl victory since 1995.

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