Aaron Rodgers Criticized as Teammate Faces Drug-Related Release

Jets release Hayes; Rodgers' drug use noted.

by Nouman Rasool
Aaron Rodgers Criticized as Teammate Faces Drug-Related Release
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The New York Jets have just cut cornerback Tae Hayes after he was charged with marijuana possession in Alabama, and the move is getting much uproar from fans. It's one case that simply sheds light on double standards within the team—mainly with star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The peripatetic NFL career of Hayes had him outside the window of the Jets' roster. His release, while perhaps not having raised many eyebrows in the first instance — he was, after all, a reserve player — has been charged with tests of timing and circumstances that allegations of rank hypocrisy aimed at the Jets management have flown thick and fast.

This could be claimed to be based on Rodgers' known past use of controlled substances such as ayahuasca, a psychedelic not recognized by law in the United States. In an interview with "The Aubrey Marcus Podcast" in 2022, Rodgers revealed how the drug ayahuasca changed his life—he felt a deep and meaningful appreciation for life.

Here is the problem: it's only legal in other countries, so Rodgers had to travel elsewhere to use it.

Rodgers' Controversial Hiatus

The controversy is inflamed even more by Rodgers' current status with the team. Since suffering a severe Achilles injury that ended his 2023 season after only four snaps, Rodgers has been absent from all team activities this offseason.

Hosting game shows, podcasting, and wading into political discourse have kept him very visible off the field, to what sometimes seems like an unusual degree for a twice-franchised, two-time-MVP quarterback coming off a catastrophic injury who is about to miss organized team activities for the first time in his career.

Controversial discussions Rodgers has been engaged in and guesting on programs such as The Pat McAfee Show polarize public opinion. Though highly successful in the NFL, having won a Super Bowl and four MVP awards, recently, his actions are provoking more debate than admiration.

The fans are angry now because Rodgers does not seem to suffer any consequence for the drugs he uses, while Hayes was released over a charge of marijuana. No one is missing this, and many are railing at the team for their inconsistencies in discipline with the Jets.

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