Steelers Face Trouble as Russell Wilson's Camp Reviews Mirror Justin Fields Struggles

Steelers face QB challenges with Wilson and Fields

by Nouman Rasool
Steelers Face Trouble as Russell Wilson's Camp Reviews Mirror Justin Fields Struggles
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The Steelers had a vast quarterback makeover this off-season, inking Russell Wilson to the league minimum before pivoting to trade for Justin Fields. That closed the book on the Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, and Mason Rudolph errors.

While most people assume that Wilson will win the job, to this point in mini-camp, he hasn't done much that suggests he will. Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer commented, in a recent insider column, that the Steelers haven't come out and formally named Wilson the starter.

"I'd look for the Pittsburgh Steelers to keep pushing Russell Wilson. Through the spring, neither Wilson nor Justin Fields lit the world on fire in Pittsburgh. But the staff saw a motivated Wilson, who benefitted from the competition Fields was giving him.

So I'll be interested to see how long Pittsburgh waits to shut down any notion of one," Breer wrote.

Russell Wilson's Camp Struggles

Early Russell Wilson training camp reviews should give Steelers fans pause. The fact that one would say, "He didn't light the world on fire," means he's not doing much greater than Fields'

A beat reporter with the Steelers, Ray Fittipaldo, had stern words concerning early practices for Fields. "Fields, from what I've seen, they had a month of spring practices here, and he's a terrific athlete, but the knocks against him that I heard coming in actually turned out to be true," Fittipaldo said.

"He's not accurate with the ball.". His placement isn't all that great, and I could see them maybe having a package or two for him each week, depending on the opponent, but if anything, I see this team solely as Russell Wilson's team.

Both Breer and Fittipaldo raised those points as issues. Contrary to hope by Steelers Nation for an upgrade at quarterback, both Wilson and Fields are problematic. Wilson threw more passes behind the line of scrimmage than any other NFL player last season.

His poor mobility--aging or by choice, doesn't matter-- hurt the team. Fields is tremendously athletic but woefully inaccurate. Combined, they'd give a team an outstanding quarterback. Separately, neither of these guys—at least through four weeks of action—is Super Bowl-caliber without significant support. Fortunately, Pittsburgh is fielding a good team that will provide that necessary help around him.

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