Tom Brady Warns Jets About Aaron Rodgers

Edelman criticizes Rodgers' minicamp absence.

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Brady Warns Jets About Aaron Rodgers
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Former New England Patriots star Julian Edelman ripped quarterback Aaron Rodgers, currently with the New York Jets, for his mystery absence from their minicamp—the kind of critical sessions even Tom Brady would never miss.

Now 40, Rodgers is preparing for a comeback—after his Jets debut in 2023 went nightmarishly wrong. In Game 1, he ruptured his Achilles four plays in and was shut down for the season. He's looking to bring juice to his second year at MetLife Stadium.

His failure to attend the Jets' minicamp June 11-13 got some attention across the NFL. Among others, it was former Patriots player Edelman who came to criticize Rodgers. In his interview with Colin Cowherd, the champion in three Super Bowls showed his disappointment.

He used the example of his former teammate Brady to show his point. He shared his opinion, saying, "I think it's a bad look for your leader, for whatever reason, to go and miss [a mandatory minicamp]. I was with Tom Brady in his 25th year or 23rd year, and he started missing OTAs here and there, but he never missed a mandatory minicamp.

I just thought it was a bad look." Edelman said, "I'm a big Aaron Rodgers fan, but if I was in that locker room and Aaron Rodgers wasn't there for three days on the mandatory minicamp, having played four snaps off of an injury when we have two new receivers, a bunch of new linemen that we added to the team, with a CBA that doesn't allow us to practice a lot, I guarantee there are four or five guys—six, seven, eight, nine guys in that locker room—sitting there like, 'Where's he at?'

Rodgers Faces Pressure

Edelman warned that Rodgers might have unconsciously heaped pressure on himself for next season.

"God forbid the New York Jets to start 1-3 at the beginning of the season, which they start with the Niners, Tennessee, Patriots, and someone else regardless [the Broncos]," he said. He added, "We all know the Patriots are no good, but that defense is still the same, and that's who Aaron goes against.

If they go 1-3, this will be such a big distraction for that locker room. Because everybody is going to be talking about it." Yet, the head coach of the Jets, Robert Saleh, does not seem to be much bothered by this controversy.

Moreover, Haason Reddick also remained absent from camp, and on this deontological scenario, Saleh answered the question in a diplomatic way. Aaron and I are on the same page," Saleh said. "There's no issue between Aaron or his teammates, for that matter.

We addressed it yesterday. It's more of an issue for everybody outside the building than inside." While Rodgers's absence undoubtedly means any number of meetings went around, for now, it's time to look toward the Jets. Training camp will certainly be about Rodgers and his return to the field.

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