NFL, Jets Face Hypocrisy Claims Over Aaron Rodgers Deal

NFL hypocrisy spotlighted in Rodgers saga

by Nouman Rasool
NFL, Jets Face Hypocrisy Claims Over Aaron Rodgers Deal
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As it will be seen now, there is lots of fake decency in the NFL community especially when it comes to the controversy surrounding Aaron Rodgers’ absence from the New York Jets-mandated minicamp. First, of course, let me state that Aaron Rodgers is definitely one of the most gifted football players, as he was awarded the league MVP honours four times.

But this nonetheless appears to have provided him with the shame of being bought as the ‘poster boy’ for right-wing extremism and derision from the media. When Rodgers was absent from the minicamp for two days in 2018, the Jets called it unexcused and thus, there would be fines.

Even though it was coach Robert Saleh who could have done better in handling the situation, the reactions made some individuals look like they were acting like babies and totally hypocritical. This view was supported by Julian Edelman, who assumed that great players like Tom Brady would never skip camp.

Overlooked, of course, is Brady himself who sat out almost two weeks of Buccaneers training camp in the previous year.

Fairness vs. Likeability

The flaw is in Labrie’s foolish distinction between fairness and likeability, not between action and inaction.

Even at age 40, Rodgers doesn’t require a full offseason participation to have an impact on the team. His attendance was good up to the missing parts of the mandatory minicamp. But for analysts, they grasp for moments when they can bash the Jets and their unconventional quarterback.

Instead of recognizing that there is more to the story, it takes get traffic. However, it is much wittier to do that than to give a truthful account of some veteran players who might have missed some of the voluntary OTA sessions.

This gives the impression of the current NFL media environment as depicted in the preceding descriptions. Rodgers does extend fair invites to criticize his opinions, but his talent is undeniable. Critics of his decision to miss minicamp can not get a pass when elite players such as Brady do the same late in their careers.

This level of hypocrisy goes viral and twists the facts – particularly regarding a controversy magnet like Rodgers within an organization that is a perennial loser like the Jets. Slightly less bias would be for the best of everybody involved.

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