Cowboys' Mike McCarthy Reportedly Growing Frustrated with Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys face tension in 2024 season

by Nouman Rasool
 Cowboys' Mike McCarthy Reportedly Growing Frustrated with Jerry Jones
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With Mike McCarthy heading into many people's minds as a "lame duck" year with the Dallas Cowboys, if not for pressures to finally win a Super Bowl, owner Jerry Jones and company are not putting pressure on roster enhancements with impactful offseason moves.

Whereas, per Tyler Dunne of Go Long, sources close to the Cowboys are sounding the alarm bells because they feel letting McCarthy enter the final year under contract without an extension is a people-managerial decision. "Allowing him to enter the season without extending his contract even for a year seems like an oversight," said a former Cowboys personnel official.

"You don't necessarily need to commit to five more years, but providing some stability would make sense.

McCarthy Feels Undermined

What complicates it is that there is just a general feeling that McCarthy feels undermined by Jerry Jones, which puts him into an environment that's very hard to succeed in about team success.

The friction has supposedly impacted the team dynamics, with players feeling the reverberations. "The coaching staff struggles to impact the players, which contributes to our underperformance fully," added the former official.

"[McCarthy] is handling it the best he can," the source continued. "From what I understand, he's getting pretty tired of the whole thing." That frustration is incredibly unlucky for team quarterback Dak Prescott. "I feel for Dak," the source said.

"He's a top-tier quarterback who could lead a team to the Super Bowl, but he's facing numerous obstacles." The stakes will be high as the season unfolds, particularly in a rigorous early schedule, as they'll face seven of last year's playoff participants in their first ten games.

A losing streak right off the bat may raise even more scrutiny on McCarthy, whose seat is h-t already. Their season opener is slotted to be on the road against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, September 8. It will also be Tom Brady's inaugural game as a broadcaster for FOX, yet another storyline in what was already going to be a key game for Dallas.

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