Julian Edelman's Stark Warning to Jets Regarding Aaron Rodgers

Edelman critiques Rodgers' Jets minicamp skip

by Nouman Rasool
Julian Edelman's Stark Warning to Jets Regarding Aaron Rodgers
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The quarterback of the New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers, has been known for unconventional approaches both on and off the field times loudmouthed-so he has recently been criticized for his off-field decisions. With age, Rodgers does not seem to be taming down an ounce; in fact, he turned a notch higher after his move to New York.

His inaugural season with the Jets was cut short by a severe Achilles injury after just four plays, really monkeying with his trajectory and the developmental plans for Zach Wilson, the former first-round pick of the team.

It was expected that Rodgers would help the Jets leap into playoff contention, giving Wilson a different kind of mentorship opportunity. Then Rodgers got hurt early, pushing Wilson back into the lineup prematurely. He had a few great moments but mostly struggled before being benched and traded to the Broncos this offseason.

Now, given that he had sustained such a critical injury at the age of 40 years, most people expected Rodgers to take every opportunity to get back to his best. Then, surprisingly, Rodgers caused a stir by not going to the mandatory minicamp; with the team citing it as an unexcused absence, Rodgers became severely criticized and disapproved of.

Edelman Criticizes Rodgers

One was Julian Edelman, the former New England Patriots star, who shared his concerns with Colin Cowherd earlier. "It's a bad look for your leader to skip mandatory minicamp," Edelman said, adding how he remembered his time with Tom Brady, who never skipped such important preseason get-togethers.

Edelman said Rodgers needed to be present due to new team members who needed to be built up. "I'm a fan of Aaron Rodgers, but had I been in that locker room, knowing he missed three days of mandatory minicamp and only played four snaps last year, I'd question his commitment," Edelman said candidly to Cowherd.

He stressed the significance of those camps, saying there are few opportunities to practice due to restrictions introduced within the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Edelman also speculated on the possible repercussions should the season get off to a slow start.

"If the Jets begin the season 1-3, which is plausible given their tough early schedule, this absence could become a significant distraction," he forecasted. As the season gets underway, Jets fans are hopeful that Rodgers recovers fully and beams back his commitment to changing fortunes for the franchise. But should he struggle, these woes might be around the corner again, frustrating a playoff drought dating back to 2010.

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