Insider Deems Trevor Lawrence Deal Bad News for Packers

Lawrence deal impacts Packers' finances.

by Nouman Rasool
Insider Deems Trevor Lawrence Deal Bad News for Packers
© Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

What sent the NFL a-quake was when the Jaguars announced their signing of star quarterback Trevor Lawrence to a stunningly large five-year, $275 million extension. While significant in and of itself, that's indicative of broader implications leaving the Green Bay Packers in gloom over the future of their quarterback, Jordan Love.

Jordan Love, a first-round draft pick in 2020, has only recently taken on the starting mantle with the Packers and shows encouraging signs of becoming the franchise leader Green Bay needs. Entering into this mix is the monetary situation around quarterback contracts, which has just changed with Lawrence's mammoth deal, setting a benchmark that Love and his agents are likely unwilling to ignore.

ESPN Milwaukee's Adam Schefter had some nuggets regarding the situation, focusing on how Lawrence's contract influences Love's posture at the negotiating table. "That deal doesn't help Green Bay, that deal helps Jordan Love," Schefter said.

"The average annual value comes in at $55 million, and quite frankly, I don't think Jordan Love will take less than Trevor Lawrence. And just a few weeks ago, maybe we would be looking at $52 million or $53 million, but now it's going to be over $55 million."

Strategic Contract Timing

It isn't about the numbers; it's all about timing and strategy.

The quarterback market of the previous year was highlighted by substantial contract extensions for Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Jalen Hurts. Each of their respective deals had to top the prior one, and because they did so in order, waiting in line maximized their values with Hurts signing first, Herbert signing afterwards, and then Burrow, who benefited most from going last.

The Packers have historically been easy to move seamlessly from one franchise quarterback to another. Now, they are in a precarious position where they might have to grapple with a new financial reality, as shaped by the deal of Lawrence if they want to secure their future with Love in the town.

Missing Jordan Love's expected market value will jeopardize his stay and force the Packers into the quarterback uncertainty that has plagued many other teams. Timing is everything in NFL negotiations, and Schefter's comments point to the heart of this issue.

Did the Packers miss their window on having an opportunity to secure Love at a more manageable number? In balancing fiscal responsibility with maintaining a competitive team structure, Green Bay must be prepared for tough decisions that will come with market adjustments to new standards. This is not just a money problem; it is a strategic challenge that may define future success for the Packers.