FOX Execs Rattled by Tom Brady's Interview with Colin Cowherd

Brady's FOX debut stirs tension at The Herd

by Nouman Rasool
FOX Execs Rattled by Tom Brady's Interview with Colin Cowherd
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Tensions ran high at FOX Sports with NFL legend Tom Brady in the lineup for his maiden in-studio interview with Colin Cowherd on "The Herd." It was going to be big for Brady, who, in 2023, had retired from professional football and turned to a career as a broadcaster for the network above in the 2024 NFL season.

Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champ, had once called into Cowherd's show. But this was Brady going to Los Angeles, so the whole thing felt a little more … expected; a little more pressured on all those parties. In the sit-down interview, Brady spoke about what he expects out of himself, his view of the game inside the lines, and about his teammates, giving fans an inside view of his mind as he transitions to broadcasting.

According to Cowherd, this studio was unusually tense. He went on to detail on Wednesday's episode of "The Colin Cowherd Podcast" on his network "The Volume" how FOX executives filled the studio, clearly indicating the high stakes attached to Brady's performance.

"The day starts, and all of a sudden, I'm seeing management all over the studio, and I'm like, 'Guys, I got this,'" Cowherd added that there was just so much anxiety among the executives to see Brady succeed. With over thirty years in sports journalism, it was excellent for Cowherd he knew how huge the interview would be, not just for Brady but indeed for FOX Sports.

He quipped about the executives attending, saying they only showed up to big broadcasts. Under tremendous pressure, given Brady's record of excellence at a level that had never happened before, Cowherd always felt that the seven-time Super Bowl champion would be all right in his first television broadcast.

Tom Brady's Regular Appearances

Moreover, Cowherd confirmed Tuesday that Brady would be a recurring guest on "The Herd" for his first season as an NFL analyst. Any time Brady made an appearance was considered a significant chapter in becoming familiar with him not only as a Hall of Fame quarterback but also as a reflective analyst.

"I just tried to stick to process today," Cowherd said in an attempt at laying the groundwork for more in-depth discussion going into the start of the NFL season. Brady will join the booth following his retirement briefly, in 2022 and return for one more season.

With the backing of a ten-year deal worth $385 million from FOX Sports, there is no denying that he represents a critical investment for the network to be built around his post-player career, underscoring its belief in his drawing viewers into intricacies from a new vantage point of the game.

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