New head coach Dan Campbell determined to lead Lions to success

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New head coach Dan Campbell determined to lead Lions to success

New Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell gave a passionate speech at his inductory press conference as the team's new head coach as he is determined to turn the franchise around. The Lions are one of the teams with the least success in the NFL as they have never played in a or won a Super Bowl and they have made only three playoff appearances in the 21st century.

The Lions have not won a playoff game in nearly 30 years as their last win in the postseason came against the Dallas Cownboys in the 1992 playoffs. "This place has been kicked. It's been battered. It's been bruised.

And I could sit up here and give you coachspeak all day long," Campbell said, per ESPN. "I can give you, 'Hey, we're going to win this weekend.' None of that matters, and you guys don't want to hear it anyway.

You heard enough of that s---, excuse my language. "Here's what I do know. This team is going to take on the identity of this city and this city has been down and it found a way to get up. It's found a way to overcome adversity, right? So this team is going to be built on, we're going to kick you in the teeth, right? And when you punch us back, we're going to smile at you.

And when you knock us down, we're going to get up and on the way up, we're going to bite a kneecap off. All right? And we're going to stand up and it's going to take two more shots to knock us down. And on the way up, we're going to take your other kneecap and we're going to get up and it's going to take three shots to get us down.

And when we do, we're going to take another hunk out of you. "Before long, we're going to be the last one standing. That's going to be the mentality."

Campbell wants to see the positive things happening for the Lions

The Lions finished this season with a 5-11 record and once again missed the playoffs.

New head coach Campbell hopes the team will start improving under his helm. "We need to bring some hope back into this city, man," Campbell said. "I'm willing to do whatever. Look, I think, I'm a big mind-over-matter person and a lot of you are going to think I'm a kook a little bit here, but I do believe you can will things to happen in some regard.

"If you're a really positive thinker, I think positive things can happen to you and those around you being to grow from that and they feel your energy."