Is Deshaun Watson One of the NFL's Worst? Analyst Ranks 5 Bottom-Tier QBs

NFL quarterbacks face pivotal shifts in their professional trajectories.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Is Deshaun Watson One of the NFL's Worst? Analyst Ranks 5 Bottom-Tier QBs
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Deshaun Watson has yet to have a smooth tenure with the Cleveland Browns. He has experienced various problems since he came, allowing speculation that the Browns might be considering other options at quarterback. In between those is NFL analyst Craig Carton, host of "The Carton Show," who has just ranked Watson one of the five worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL, a list that also includes Bryce Young, Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew and Geno Smith all now beginning for the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, Las Vegas Raiders, Cleveland Browns, and Seattle Seahawks, respectively.

In his sophomore year with the Panthers, Bryce Young faces a critical season following a debut year ending with the NFL's worst team record. Similarly, Daniel Jones starts his second season under a hefty contract extension with the Giants, bearing the pressure to lead them back to playoff glory, especially after the departure of crucial player Saquon Barkley to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Quarterback Transitional Phase

Gardner Minshew's recent move to the Las Vegas Raiders situates him as a transitional leader, charged with leading his team to the playoffs. However, he is a holding bridge to a future quarterback draft pick for many observers.

Meanwhile, Watson, not surprisingly, has seen diminished value. Once a celebrated quarterback with the Houston Texans, his current play suggests that the Browns might be succeeding in spite of him. Surprisingly, Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks also finds himself on this list.

Despite earning consecutive Pro Bowl nods and showing consistent performance, his ranking might raise eyebrows among fans and analysts alike. Looking ahead to 2024, Watson is under immense pressure to reclaim his elite form and spearhead the Browns through a challenging American Football Conference and beyond the postseason setbacks of 2023.

His preseason activities hint at a possible resurgence, signaling a potential turning point in his career with Cleveland. As the NFL season progresses, Watson's ability to rejuvenate his career and disprove his critics will be a key storyline.

For the Browns and their fans, much rests on Watson's shoulders, including the hopes of transcending last year's playoff exit and securing a deeper run in the fiercely competitive league.

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