Tom Brady Calls Weekend 'Tough' After Team Exit in Marbella

NFL legend ventures into innovative electric powerboat racing.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Tom Brady Calls Weekend 'Tough' After Team Exit in Marbella
© Elyse Jankowski/FilmMagic

Tom Brady's venture into the electrifying world of E1 racing faced a challenging setback this past weekend in Puerto Banús, Marbella. Despite a promising start, Team Brady, led by the NFL icon, finished ninth and could not progress to the final round on Sunday, marking a premature end to their race ambitions.

The journey began with optimism, as detailed by the team's Instagram account: "Kicked off with a strong qualifying start; however, a power failure coupled with damage sustained in a tough battle led to a did-not-finish (DNF) status and a third-place finish in the semifinals." This hiccup in their performance was a learning curve, and the team remains resolute.

"We will learn, improve, and be in better shape for the next race," the post concluded. Reflecting on the weekend, Brady reiterated the sentiment on his own Instagram, stating, "Tough weekend, we'll be back!" accompanied by two clenched-fist emojis, signaling his determination to return stronger.

Team Brady's Electric Challenge

Team Brady is not just any team. It competes in the UIM E1 World Championship, the premier Offshore Electric Formula 1 series sanctioned by the International Motorcycle Union. It's a pioneering arena where electric motors roar and the sea sprays, bringing a new edge to powerboat racing.

At the helm is Tom Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion, celebrated NFL legend, and a team owner deeply invested in this innovative sport. Emma Kimiläinen and Sam Coleman are alongside him. Kimiläinen, a formidable force from the W Series, has a track record of 12 starts, two wins, and seven podium finishes, including a third-place victory in the W Series Championship 2021.

Coleman, a two-time UK and one-time US champion in P1 Powerboat brings a wealth of experience to Team Brady, enhancing their competitive edge in the E1 series. Despite the setback in Marbella, where the team fell short behind the triumphant Team Miami and the formidable Blue Rising, Team Brady has a resilient spirit.

The weekend's performance, while below expectations, is part of the learning curve in the harsh, competitive world of motor racing. As they regroup and refocus, the anticipation for what lies ahead remains high among fans and competitors alike.

Tom Brady's transition from the gridiron to the marina is a testament to his enduring competitive spirit, and his venture into E1 racing is watched with keen interest as he aims to translate his on-field success to the waves.

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