Dak Prescott's Cowboys Future in Doubt as Contract Talks Stall"

Dak Prescott dazzles with top stats in NFL season.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Dak Prescott's Cowboys Future in Doubt as Contract Talks Stall"
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With the NFL getting set for yet another charged-up season, all eyes shift toward Dallas Cowboys quarterback star Dak Prescott, whose passage with the team remains uncertain in the days ahead. Even though Prescott had an all-star season in 2023-24 and set up unbelievable numbers: 4,516 in passing yards and 36 touchdowns, plus a vast 72.7 quarterback rating, all of which had been almost set in stone, his contract is up in the air.

As for the discussions, structuring a deal set to expire in 2025, Prescott has been in one of the most interesting ongoing negotiations with the Cowboys. According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN and the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are interested in a long-term deal with Dak Prescott, but negotiations are moving at a very slow pace.

'They're all in on re-signing Dak Prescott. It's just been a matter of time. And, privately, they have made it known they don't want him to hit free agency in 2025,' Fowler said. With the entire summer to get it designed right, the pressure is on for a compromise by training camp to ensure Prescott is the long-term centerpiece of their offense.

Prescott's Record Season

Prescott's record-setting heroics this 2023-24 season have been the main talking point. Leading the whole league in presenting touchdowns, he ranked in second place in QBR, just next to Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens, in the MVP race.

He showcased his excellent skills by throwing for over 4,000 yards for only the third time in an eight-year career. Prescott heads into his ninth season without question the flamethrower on offense for the Cowboys. Continuing with that team dynamic in 2024, Ezekiel Elliott and Prescott become a vital member of the 2016 NFL Draft who is rejoining the Cowboys after a stint with the New England Patriots.

That figures nicely with experience at the head of the running back committee to make this a season where all the chips are in. The Cowboys underperformed despite compiling a 12-5 record in the regular season, including wins over fellow top-tier forces in the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks.

That journey was halted quickly as the Green Bay Packers sent them home with a 48-32 loss in the wildcard round, despite Prescott's 403-passing yard effort. The Cowboys carry much pressure with one of the league's most expensively assembled rosters to finally get over that hump and make the most of Prescott's prime years.

As the 2024 season nears, a lot is at stake for Prescott and the Cowboys. Not only will the results of these contract negotiations partially decide the player's future, but they may partially decide the franchise's success over the next few seasons.

Fans and even analysts themselves look with bated breath in Dallas, working behind closed doors to secure the star quarterback's legacy with the team.

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