Kenny Pickett Shines Over Jalen Hurts at Eagles OTAs

Eagles' OTAs reveal fluctuating quarterback performances this week.

by Abdullah Magsi
Kenny Pickett Shines Over Jalen Hurts at Eagles OTAs
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In the latest developments from the Philadelphia Eagles' organized team activities (OTAs), the narrative surrounding quarterback Jalen Hurts appears increasingly concerning. Despite a strong previous season, Hurts has struggled to find his rhythm this spring, raising questions about his readiness for the upcoming NFL season.

At the heart of the Eagles' $51 million investment, Hurts's performance in recent practices has not matched expectations. His early throws in seven-on-seven drills showed promise, with accurate passes to A.J. Brown, including a quick inside slant and a solid 15-yard throw to the sideline.

However, these moments of precision were overshadowed by inconsistencies in later drills. Notably, during a practice open to the media, Hurts failed to deliver any significant explosive passes and suffered multiple interceptions.

One particularly glaring error was a pick-six thrown to Rodgers, compounded by another interception intended for Brown in a congested middle field.

Pickett's Inconsistent Spotlight

Amidst Hurts's struggles, backup quarterback Kenny Pickett has seized the spotlight, albeit with fluctuating success.

Described by Ed Kracz of Eagles Today as looking "sharper than Jalen Hurts," Pickett initially impressed during the OTAs, consistently hitting his targets with greater accuracy. However, his performance took a downturn in the latest session, where he misfired on several throws, including an overthrown pass to tight end Albert Okwuegbunam.

Despite these mixed performances from both quarterbacks, the Eagles' defense showed robust form, effectively reading Hurts's tactics and capitalizing on his errors. This defensive prowess, while promising for the team, highlights the pressing need for Hurts to regain his near-MVP form from 2022.

As the Eagles continue their preseason preparations, the fluctuating dynamics between Hurts and Pickett underscore the uncertainties facing the team. With substantial financial stakes in Hurts's success and the season looming, the pressure is mounting for both quarterbacks to elevate their game.

While OTAs are only a fraction of the preseason activities, the early signs are crucial indicators of what may lie ahead for the Eagles, leaving fans anxious yet hopeful for a turnaround by September.

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