Russell Wilson Weighs In: Justin Fields' 'Slash' Role Could Terrify Defenses

Steelers explore unique strategies for their quarterback lineup

by Zain ul Abedin
Russell Wilson Weighs In: Justin Fields' 'Slash' Role Could Terrify Defenses
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In the heated competition for the Pittsburgh Steelers' starting quarterback position, Russell Wilson has expressed openness to the idea of sharing snaps with Justin Fields, potentially using designed plays to leverage Fields' versatility.

This strategy emerges as both quarterbacks prepare for the upcoming season, highlighting a dynamic that could add a new layer to the Steelers' offense. Speaking with Tim Benz of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Wilson praised Fields' capabilities and emphasized his potential impact on the field.

"Justin is obviously one of the most talented guys in the NFL," Wilson said. He acknowledged Fields' dynamism and focus on team success, stating, "It's all about us winning. That’s the focus. I think it would strike fear in some defenses, that’s for sure." Fields, on his part, showed willingness earlier in the week to adopt a Kordell Stewart-type "slash" role - a reference to Stewart's versatile position in the 1990s Steelers.

However, Fields clarified that his current focus remains on vying for the top quarterback spot. As the Steelers roll out new offensive strategies under OC Arthur Smith, the integration of gadget plays has yet to be seen.

Dual Threat Potential

With a record of 2,220 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns over three seasons with the Chicago Bears, Fields has proven his prowess on the ground.

Despite not being targeted as a pass-catcher during his time in Chicago, his athletic skills suggest potential for diverse roles within the Steelers' playbook. Wilson also highlighted the value of having two capable quarterbacks.

"Justin is a franchise quarterback. He's a guy that can do a lot of amazing things. So, we have two dynamic guys that can do a lot of special things," he remarked. As both quarterbacks continue their contest for the starting role, the possibility of Fields starting the season in a versatile "Slash-type" role looms.

This approach not only reflects the Steelers' innovative offensive tactics but also hints at a future where Fields could transition into a more traditional quarterback role, much like Stewart did during his tenure with the team.

This strategic use of both quarterbacks could indeed become a formidable aspect of the Steelers' game plan, striking fear into the hearts of opposing defenses.

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