Jason Kelce's Daughters Cry During Sports Introduction

Brothers Jason and Travis Kelce share childhood sports tales.

by Abdullah Magsi
Jason Kelce's Daughters Cry During Sports Introduction
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Philadelphia Eagles centre Jason Kelce recently shared a relatable parenting moment during a lighthearted conversation with his brother, Travis Kelce, the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. The topic of their discussion? The challenges of introducing young children to new sports, specifically ice skating.

Jason recounted a recent attempt to take his daughters, Wyatt and Elliotte, for their first ice skating lessons—an experience that didn't go as planned. "They're too young still, they were not ready for it and they cried the entire time," Jason explained.

This candid admission came during a family-themed episode of their podcast, highlighting the sometimes unpredictable nature of parenting.

Early Ice Adventures

Reflecting on their own childhood, Travis inquired about Jason's first experience on ice, to which Jason responded, "Seven was my first time getting out there." Travis shared his own memories as well, revealing that he was only five years old during his first encounter with the ice and it was far from smooth.

"I was terrified though, I was crying on the bench," Travis recalled. "It was lava in my mind, I thought I was going to die. Dad picked me up and threw me on the ice!" The conversation also veered into updates on Jason's family life, particularly how his daughters are doing in their educational pursuits.

"Wyatt's doing great," Jason noted, pleased with the positive feedback from her teachers. He added that both Wyatt and Elliotte are currently in the 'frogs' age group at their preschool, with Elliotte just starting this new chapter.

Jason's joy was palpable as he spoke about the delights of hearing about his daughters' preschool adventures, even sharing a light-hearted remark about Wyatt's early childhood crush.

"I'm not telling you his name, but you can just tell in the way she talks about him," he joked, showing a typical protective dad's flair. This glimpse into the personal lives of the Kelce brothers not only humanizes them beyond their NFL personas but also connects with fans on a deeper level, discussing universal themes of family and the trials of introducing kids to new experiences.

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