New Lions GM to evaluate QB Matthew Stafford

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New Lions GM to evaluate QB Matthew Stafford

New Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes has a great respect for quarterback Matthew Stafford but he declined to make a definitive declaration on the quarterback's future. 2014 Pro Bowl quarterback Stafford has two years remaining on his current contract but general manager Holmes plans to evaluate the quarterback and the rest of the roster.

"What you really appreciate is that the talent was easy to see, but you really appreciate how his intangibles show on film," Holmes said of Stafford, per ESPN. "How urgent he plays, how competitive he is, the toughness that he shows.

But it is my job to evaluate the entire roster, and through that process I have not had any discussions with Matt or any players, for that matter. "So you know, I just want to be fair into the process to make sure we evaluate that thoroughly, but obviously, Matt, very good football player."

Holmes aims to turn the Lions franchise around

The Lions have been one of the worst NFL franchises for decades now and Holmes hopes to build a winning team and lead the team to their first Super Bowl. After the Lions spoke with Holmes about the general manager job, they canceled the rest of the interviews and gave the job to Holmes.

"I would say let's all trust the process that is going to be in place," Holmes said. "It is going to be a very sound process. It will be a very thorough and diligent process, and we're going to, like I said earlier, we're going to surrender those results to the process.

I've always been one that likes to go through the process and tries to delay my intuition towards the end. "So if we keep the process sound and then we make the right intuitive decisions going forward, I believe the Lions' fan base are going to be very, very happy with the results that they see."

Holmes hopes the Lions will be a competitive team next season. "The ultimate goal is to make sure the most competitive team is on the field and that starts right now, this year, entering the 2021 season," Holmes said.

"So not viewing this as this will be a long-term [project], I don't know how long this is going to take. That is not the approach. "That's not the mindset going into it. The approach is to make sure that we can put the most competitive team possible out on the field in 2021."