Ex-Panthers Cornerback Campaigns for Cam Newton’s Carolina Comeback

Panthers' struggles spotlight need for strategic changes.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Ex-Panthers Cornerback Campaigns for Cam Newton’s Carolina Comeback
© Ian Maule/Getty Images

The iconic quarterback Cam Newton once graced the field at the Bank of America Stadium, holding down two memorable tenures for the Carolina Panthers—2011 to 2019 and briefly in 2021. His playmaking ways helped etch a storybook chapter in franchise history, headlined by a run to Super Bowl 50 in 2016.

Against that storied backdrop, former Panthers cornerback Lou Young is leading the charge for Newton's return in hopes it might rejuvenate the franchise. Newton was the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft and became the panthers' legend father.

His absence is palpable, as the Panthers face a prime-time snub in the upcoming NFL season—a reflection of their recent dismal 2-15 record. This decline has sparked debate among fans and analysts alike regarding the team's direction and star power.

Lou Young, now a host on Newton's podcast "The Fourth and 1," expressed his frustrations during a recent episode. He highlighted the stark contrast in the team's allure and performance since Newton's departure. "It ain't been a lot of glitz and glamour since that boy," Young remarked, pinpointing a lack of excitement and drawing power without Newton.

Reviving Panther Pride

Young's comments extend beyond mere nostalgia. He criticizes the Panthers' front office for their oversight and suggests that reinstating Newton could restore the team's former glory and ensure a spot in prime-time broadcasts.

"Panthers, wake up and smell the coffee man and put my man back in the building to help," he urged, stressing the potential boost Newton's presence could bring. The comparison of Newton to NBA legend Michael Jordan, whom Young invoked to emphasize Newton's significant impact, is telling.

Just as Jordan was synonymous with the Chicago Bulls' success, Newton's charisma and skill have left an indelible mark on the Panthers. The crucial point driven home by Young in the above statement is the fact that the star player not only helps develop the performance of a team, but also in raising their engagement and media attention with other fans.

Despite that enormous outcry for him to come back, the Panthers have decided to move on regardless and let Bryce Young be their quarterback for now and into the future. This decision, while practical from a management standpoint, has not quelled the discussions surrounding Newton's potential role in reviving the team's fortunes.

As the debate continues, one thing remains clear: Cam Newton's legacy with the Carolina Panthers is far from forgotten, and his possible return continues to stir excitement and hope among the fanbase and former teammates alike. Whether this will translate into a third stint with the team remains a tantalizing prospect for many.