Peyton Manning Weighs In on Broncos QB Situation

Exploring the growth journey of rookie quarterbacks in NFL.

by Abdullah Magsi
Peyton Manning Weighs In on Broncos QB Situation
© Justin Edmonds / Getty Images

Peyton Manning, a name synonymous with NFL excellence, continues to capture attention with his insights, especially when discussing quarterbacks. This week, his focus was on the Denver Broncos' trio: Bo Nix, Zach Wilson, and Jarrett Stidham.

Manning's commentary comes at an interesting time, as he was just honoured with the Mizel Institute’s 2024 Enrichment Award in Denver, a city he not only calls home but where he actively contributes to the community.

Manning, the legendary Broncos quarterback, discussed the current quarterback lineup on the Broncos' official team website. He highlighted the competitive spirit brewing among the quarterbacks, which he views as a positive force.

“It sounds like they’ve got great competition over there. That’s always good. Makes everybody better,” Manning said. He praised the team's offensive system under coach Sean Payton, noting its reputation for being particularly quarterback-friendly.

“I think the quarterback position is in good shape, and I think Sean’s system is extremely quarterback-friendly," he added. Reflecting on his experiences and the strategies that have shaped successful quarterbacks, Manning discussed the merits of playing versus sitting rookies.

He pointed out the career of Patrick Mahomes, who sat out for a year before dominating the field every season thereafter. Manning shared his own tumultuous rookie season, humorously noting his record number of interceptions, a record he wouldn't mind seeing broken, though preferably not by Nix.

“If any of these rookies want to break my interception record, I’d be for it. I don’t want Bo to break it, but I’d like to get that off my resume,” he joked.

Manning on Growth

Manning firmly believes in the value of hands-on experience over sideline observation.

He reminisced about his own growth through the hardships of his first season, which paved the way for a significant turnaround the following year. “I went 3-13 my rookie year and didn’t play very well. We went 13-3 the next year.

There’s no way that would have happened had I not played and gone through those struggles,” he explained. As the Broncos continue to navigate their quarterback strategy, Manning’s insights are not only a nod to his enduring legacy but also a beacon for current players.

With a quarterback legend actively engaged in their corner, the Broncos’ quarterbacks have a unique mentor in Manning, whose experience and wisdom remain invaluable to the team and the broader Denver community.