Travis Kelce Criticizes Fox for Choosing Tom Brady Over Greg Olsen

NFL broadcasting sees major shakeups ahead of the season.

by Abdullah Magsi
Travis Kelce Criticizes Fox for Choosing Tom Brady Over Greg Olsen
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Tom Brady, the illustrious NFL quarterback, is set to become Fox's lead color commentator for the upcoming NFL season, succeeding Greg Olsen in this prestigious role. Olsen, who has been a staple in the commentator's booth since 2021, will now assume duties with the network's second team, alongside play-by-play announcer Joe Davis.

This change has sparked a mixture of reactions among NFL enthusiasts and insiders alike. Notably, Kansas City Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce expressed his thoughts on the matter during a recent episode of the New Heights podcast.

While Kelce acknowledges the business decision behind Fox's choice to bring Brady on board, he didn’t shy away from voicing his support for Olsen, whose commentary skills have won widespread acclaim, especially following his work during the Super Bowl.

“I love my guy Greg Olsen. They kind of did him dirty over there at Fox,” Kelce candidly remarked. “But I mean, it’s Tom Brady, what can you do, right? Sometimes you just gotta do your thing. And Greg does a tremendous job.

He called our Super Bowl game and he was fantastic doing that”.

Jason Kelce's Praise

The sentiment was echoed by Kelce's older brother, Jason, who was recently announced as a new addition to ESPN's Monday Night Countdown crew.

He praised Olsen's proficiency, calling him "phenomenal" at what he does. As Fox transitions to having Brady, a player renowned for his strategic acumen on the field, join their top commentary team with Kevin Burkhardt, the network aims to capitalize on Brady's high-profile status and insight into the game.

Meanwhile, Olsen's repositioning to the second team might be seen as a demotion by some, but it also emphasizes the depth of talent and expertise Fox sports possesses in its broadcasting lineup. This reshuffling at Fox highlights the dynamic nature of sports broadcasting, where star power and expertise continually intersect to enhance the viewer's experience.

As the new NFL season approaches, all eyes will be on Brady and Olsen to see how they adapt to their new roles and continue to deliver the high-quality commentary that fans expect.

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