Jerry Rice Urges Son to Defy Draft Setback

NFL Draft: Brenden Rice's Emotional Journey Unfolds.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Jerry Rice Urges Son to Defy Draft Setback
© Candice Ward / Getty Images

Rice's son, Brenden Rice, a wide receiver from USC, had been anticipated to secure a mid-round selection as per numerous pre-draft predictions. Even Chargers coach Jim Harbaugh had acknowledged Los Angeles's third- to fourth-round evaluation of Brenden.

However, despite these projections, Brenden was not chosen until the seventh round, becoming the 32nd receiver drafted out of 35. His draft position left him disheartened and triggered frustration in his father. Brenden, aged 22, recounted his father's reaction, stating, "My dad was hot.

You guys get the flash like ... the humble dude, right? Me, he's like, 'Hell no, we're going to take this to a different level. These guys going to feel us.' "

Brenden's Bittersweet Draft Moment

The draft day held deeper emotional significance for Brenden, who had attended his best friend's funeral earlier that same day.

Amidst his grief, he received the call from the Chargers while in transit at a Dallas airport, marking a poignant juxtaposition of sorrow and joy. Reflecting on his selection, Brenden expressed gratitude, viewing it as a divine blessing that allowed him to navigate both mourning and celebration.

He acknowledged the opportunity bestowed upon him by the Chargers, particularly in light of their offseason roster changes, which left room for a rookie receiver like himself to make an impact. Standing at 6-foot-3 and weighing 208 pounds, Brenden brings a physical presence to the Chargers' receiving corps.

His skill set, characterized by prowess in deep-ball receptions and vertical routes, differs notably from his father's renowned finesse as a route runner. Despite the disappointment of his draft position, Brenden remains determined to carve out his own legacy in the NFL.

He recognizes the responsibility placed upon him to perform and aims to surpass his father's rookie achievements, signaling his ambition to excel on the field. As the NFL awaits the debut of this second-generation talent, the spotlight now shines on Brenden Rice as he embarks on his professional football journey.